Acquired 10 Aug 2005 – BookCrossing BookRing


Well, I have to say that I probably didn’t give this the chance I should have. I got really annoyed at the over-the-top examples of internet addiction and then it went on and on about the horrifying fact that lots of people including most internet addicts MEET the people they talk to online – shock horror. Some of them even date them. Well, I’m sorry, but both Matthew and some people who are dear friends now, from years ago and from my BookCrossing adventures, I have “met” online first and then met in real life. So I got peeved with it and flicking through it did seem to be a lot about cybersex etc which isn’t relevant.

On a good point, it did give rise to a discussion between us on internet addiction. We ascertained that our internet use does not affect our relationship, Matt has had jobs where he’s been allowed to surf during programme running times etc and I have never abused the internet at work. Matt is probably addicted to information, and I get worried if I cannot uphold my responsibilities (eg on the BCUK Uncon Committee and running BCBirmingham) or be in touch with my friends. OK, one of my primary sources of contact with my friends *is* online, but for example it’s much easier to talk to my best friend via IM than on the phone, when she has her kids running around her!

So – thought provoking but a Did Not Finish.