Acquired 29 May 2005 from Caffcaff’s boxes for my Mozfest stall

Hm… The story of an “ordinary” family over the course of a week or so. In fact of course they are not ordinary, with art theft, affairs, drugs and midlife crises galore. Unfortunately, although the author tries hard, this does not have the warmth of other family orientated books I have read (Pursuit of Happiness, that one set in New York, Michael Cunningham stuff…). And it reminded me a bit too much of “If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things” – the same showing-off by the author, but in a sixth-formery rather than Rushdie way. Still, I’m glad I’ve read it as I did keep seeing it and wondering!

Interestingly, I didn’t realise till I was flicking through the back of the book that I have read another book by this author. Here’s what I thought of it:

JUSTIN CARTWRIGHT – Leading The Cheers

Bought Dec 09 1999 Read Feb 2000

A strange, dark little book, rather different from the coming-of-age high school reunion novel I’d expected. OK, and well plotted but a bit dark, macabre and also laddish for my tastes, so a bit disappointing.

[I’ll check if I’ve still got this one and register it on BookCrossing if I have!]