Acquired 17 Sep 2005 – BookCrossing BookRing

A truly wonderful and inspiring book, both about her life and the treatment of children and adults on the autistic spectrum, _and_ about the ways she works with animals in abbatoir facilities to make their experiences as gentle as possible. I was going to lend this to my next door neighbour who has a young son just diagnosed autistic – but instead I have just ordered a copy from Amazon which I will lend to her! I know she will draw a lot of interest, reassurance and comfort from it – as indeed am I. As someone at the very end of the spectrum, with mild Aspergers, it’s so nice to know why I am super-reactive to (prescription!) drugs and am not alone in my ability to see flickering lights where everyone else sees steady ones!

Another tribute to the wonder of BookCrossing – as the originator of this bookring took the time to search peoples’ wishlists and found it on mine.