OK I said this wasn’t going to be for personal stuff but I was “tagged” so I think I *have* to do this (BTW no-one of my friends on here hasn’t done this now so I can’t tag anyone back – hope this doesn’t bring me bad luck. Anyone reading this who wants to write a list- consider yourself tagged!)

1. I am 1/64th Spanish.

2. I studied Medieval Icelandic for 3 years.

3. I also know Latin, Old English and French. Gotta build up those modern languages.

4. I have run 2 Flora Light Challenge 5k races. One day I’ll do another. Honest.

5. I can’t ride a bicycle.

6. I met Matt on the internet.

7. I prefer to write in fountain pen. With coloured inks.

8. I didn’t learn to tell the time till I was 8.

9. I am going ginger, not grey.

10. I am average size (12), shoe size (6) and bra size (shh) so I can never find anything in the sales.

11. One of my legs is longer than the other. This has a bearing on factoid 5.

12. My eyesight prescription is -9.8, -9.9. One tenth of a point to go and I will get free eye tests!

13. All of my cats except Dotty have been named after literary characters.

14. I collect lizards

15. My favourite author is Iris Murdoch

16. I have what Matt would term “strange and unnatural” crushes on Steven Tyler and Dave Grohl

17. I used to have blue hair.

18. I got my ears pierced when I was 29.

19. I like chocolate in itself but I don’t like chocolate flavoured things (cake, mousse, icecream)

20. I don’t like scary films. Or books. Or programmes. Or anything. And when we say scary, we mean over 12 certificate.

Hope that’ll do!!