Acquired 20 Sep 2005 – BookCrossing BookRing


Well the bit I liked best was the Dewey Decimal bits at the beginning of each chapter (though the library I work in uses Library of Congress so I felt a bit guilty having it in my bag at work!). I thought it was very inconsequential and could have been a lot better. The heroine was interesting and not very nice, which was fine. I liked the descriptions of her completely open-plan flat but kept wondering where the toilet was! Also didn’t quite believe her protestations about not having baths but being OK with it – being a librarian can be a physical and dusty job!!

I felt a bit sick after reading lots of this in one go, like when you’ve eaten a lot of candyfloss. But it was OK and enjoyable enough – and with a title like that I just had to read it!

I was on the end of the ring and the originator didn’t want it back so I am taking it to the Birmingham meetup today.