Acquired 26 Sep 2005 – BookCrossing BookRing

This was a very interesting book – I have read quite a lot of books about women in the Middle East so not a lot was surprising; but I think it is important to share this information with people who might not be so aware of it.

However, I do think this book should be read with a balance. For example, “Guests of the Sheik” which is about an American woman living in an Iraqi community. Not all women rail against the veil, and many find a freedom in living outside of the eyes of the men, and have close and happy female communities, and indeed close and happy marriages. Not all arranged marriages are unhappy, just as not all love marriages are happy. And at the moment, I find it hard to criticise other countries and cultures when our police gun innocent people down at Tube stations and my friend’s Muslim mum is frightened to leave her home in E London for fear of “my” people’s hatred and fear.

Sorry to rant there and this is not directed at any of the comments made by any other people on the ring! It’s important to celebrate our individual freedoms while working against those who seek to curtail freedom in any way.