Hm, maybe it will stop me buying more books if I have to write down here what I’ve acquired…

Matt and I have finished reading Zadie Smith’s “On Beauty” together and enjoyed the experience of reading a book together bit by bit and discussing it (I read a chapter then he reads the same chapter etc), so we wanted to look for another one. After looking through my TBR and complaining that all my books were either about women, about Asia, or small town America (pretty true, although I do have some travel and other non-fic too and I LIKE these) and that he read an Amitav Ghosh recently, he looked at my Amazon wishlist and liked a couple. We couldn’t wait, so we “popped” into town and came back with…

Diana Wynne Jones – The Merlin Conspiracy – this one’s for me, I love her books, and it was only a fiver!

Hari Kunzru – Transmission – one for us to read together; we both enjoyed his previous one, The Impressionist

Iain M. Banks – The Algebraist – one for Matt

Charlie Connolly – Attention All Shipping – about the Shipping Forecast, one for me

These three were in a 3 for 2 offer

Lars Saabye Christiensen – The Half Brother – another for us to read together though this is massive and will take us weeks!

Matt got a student discount on these too!!

Look out for our impressions on these in a few months’ time…