Bought 16 Oct 2005 – Borders in Birmingham

The 2nd Liz-and-Matt read

We finished this one Sunday early morning/normal morning

I’m not sure what I thought of it. I was a little disappointed as I loved The Impressionist and found this a little lacking. It was big on plot, but plot was what it was mainly about. The ending, which was very satirical and funny about conspiracy theorists and theories, was very good, and if you read it as a satire and plot-driven novel, it was good. But I prefer more depth and exposition to my characters.

Matt liked it more than I did, and I will try to get some comments from him to add here.

It yielded some discussion between us – mainly along the lines of looking at the plot, and were the computery bits accurate (apparently they were) but nothing like the depth of discussion on character, morals and behaviour that the Zadie Smith inspired.

Next up is a book of short stories about/around Birmingham, that came out of a competition a while ago. I’m interested to see how our reactions will differ, as I’ll be reading about places I know well, and a lot of it will be new to Matt. I do recommend this reading-together thing – it’s fun and gives us something to talk about!