Bought 15 Jul 2005 (Amazon)

The 5th and 6th books in the wonderful Elm Creek Quilts series. In “Legacy”, we find out more about Sylvia’s mother’s family, tracing their story as Sylvia tries to trace their lost quilts, and Andrew’s family try to come to terms with their upcoming wedding. In “Master Quilter”, the secret wedding quilt is at the centre of the plot, which, in unusual but satisfying overlapping narratives, updates us on the lives of the other Elm Creek Quilters.

I love these books and I read these two too fast, in a day (in fact I finished the Cather and read these two yesterday!) and I’m now sad they’re over. I will read the whole series from start to finish one day – I actually have them all and have almost read them in the right order.

One year I’m going to read no new books at all (OK, maybe Rings) and read all my series I’ve collected. One year…