TIM SEVERIN – Seeking Robinson Crusoe

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Acquired via BookCrossing 03 Jul 2005 – in my Unconvention goody bag

A quest for the true inspiration for Robinson Crusoe. A lot of retelling of old and neglected literary works, while the better and more exciting sections were those where Severin travelled to the possible locations for the island himself.

ELYNE MITCHELL – Silver Brumby’s Daughter

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Acquired via BookCrossing 03 Jul 2005 – at the Unconvention

A good if slightly dated (I don’t care about this) horse story, one of the lovely series about the wild horses of Australia. Atmospheric and exciting.

I read this a while ago and forgot to journal and livejournal it – oops!


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At the beginning of the year I started off trying to do what I’d failed to do last year: rise to the challenge of ONLY reading 2 books per week for the whole year.

I managed to the end of June (46 books read, could have read 52) and then I cracked. I begged Matt to accept that yes, I could do it, but no, I didn’t choose to continue to do so.

I then started reading “normally”.

Have just totalled up October’s 18 reads – added to the running total, they bring me to 104 books read by the end of October.

How many books is 2 per week for a year? Yup – 104. Oh well!

PAUL SCOTT – The Jewel in the Crown

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Acquired 24 Sep 2005 – BookCrossing RABCK

More ponderous than I’d imagined, examining two incidents from many different angles. Some of the authorial voices somehow reminded me of Browning. I should have read this on holiday where I had big slabs of time to devote to it. In general, I was glad to have had the chance to read it, I would read the others, but it was a bit hard going in places. I also felt you needed to know a bit about the history beforehand – would the original readers have known this stuff?

BRAD NEWSHAM – Take Me With You

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Acquired 28 Nov 2005 via BookCrossing – BookRing

A wonderful book and I’m so glad I got the chance to read it.

What’s the use of having to have a couple of days off to supervise the plumber putting in a new radiator if you can’t just read and read and read? So I devoured this one in huge gulps on Monday.

A travel narrative with a wonderful twist – all along he is planning to offer one of the people he meets on his journey a trip to stay with him in America. And, in a series of epilogues (this must be the best edition of the book to have as it tells the whole story), he eventually does. Assured and excellent travel writing is given an extra emotional and heartfelt dimension – truly inspiring and wonderful.

If you’re a BCer and want to read this – luanuk is the person running the ring or follow the link to the book from my Bookshelf – highly recommended.

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