I said I’d post on here when I acquired books, too… Well, I was very good at the Dudley meetup and only picked up


But then on the way home, went into Waterstones in town, who were selling off their Clearance stock at £1 per book…

POLLY BENGE – Tea for Two… With No Cups – Polly follows her partner on a bicycle journey through the tea plantations of Northern India, to help her choose whether to emigrate with him for good. I do like a travel book…
BREENA CLARKE – River, Cross My Heart – Ali made me get this one but I think I’ll like it
LIZ FORDRED – An Ocean to Cross – Liz and her husband, both paraplegic and living in the middle of Africa, decide to get a boat and set sail alone to see the world – classic Liz themes
KENT HARUF – The Tie that Binds – life in the American midwest farming community – I’ve read Plainsong and this was his first novel
ELIZABETH HERRON – The Fierce Beauty Club – meant to help me reclaim power, discover sisterhood and celebrate body and soul. Not too sure about this but it was only a pound!
ROBBIE MARSHALL – Triumph Around the World – gives up career and family to motorbike around the world – a classic Liz choice again
ALISTAIR MCALPINE – Adventures of a Collector – a collection of memoirs of an inveterate collector – looks fascinating
ADAM NICOLSON – Perch Hill: A New Life – Nigel Nicholson’s son tries out farming in Kent
SUE & VICTORIA RICHES – Frigid Women – Story of the first all-women expedition to the North Pole. I have read a friend’s copy of this and was going to register it on BookCrossing but I think I might keep it in the Permanent Collection (oops even more!)
TERRY RYAN – The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio – lovely memoir of his Mum, who kept the family going with her competition prizes. This is a 2nd copy for BookCrossing purposes!
SYLVIA SMITH – Appleby House – I’ve heard a lot about her so pounced on this one