Bought 10 Dec 2005 – Waterstones, Birmingham

This was the first of my 11 £1 Waterstones clearance buys!

Narrative of Polly’s decision to up sticks from her life as a dancer and tour round Northern India with her New Zealand boyfriend and his friend, on bicycles, mainly to see if she will go and live with him afterwards. Although it’s an interesting tale, it’s not very well told. The grammar and, well the editing in effect, are sloppy. I’ve noticed this with this publisher (TravellersEye) before – they seem to take on amateurs’ work, but don’t make it as professional as they could do. I found it a little hard to care about her story, and was irritated more than I perhaps should have been by the excess of commas, where semi-colons would be more appropriate, but it was interesting.

Will probably make this available via BookCrossing rather than keep it.