Acquired via BookCrossing 25 February 2006 – BookRing

I think this is the most-travelled book I’ve held yet! And so many familiar names on the list before me, as well as new ones!

As to the book – well, I really enjoyed it. Wish it had been longer and a little less disjointed – she mentions that she started writing “stories” in the final chapter, which I guess explains that aspect. I’ve read quite a lot of “immigrant experience” books, fiction and non-fiction, and many share aspects – the parents’ accents, trying to fit into two cultures, etc. I’ve not read one about an Iranian family before – it’s very interesting to see all the similarities, and then also to see her love of her individual family shine through.

A good book which would have been better if longer – and who can complain about a review like that! Also very interesting to read of the other readers’ experiences in their own lives and with friends from different nations. My point to add to this – I found out I know more about Islam and Hinduism than Judaism when my Jewish bf managed to fool me good and proper by telling me a big whopper about his birth faith – I’m so dashed liberal that I believed it and respected it without wondering if it was true or looking behind the facade! Is this just as bad as thinking everyone from a hot country has a pet camel??!