Given to me 07 March 2006

Passed to be by Jonathan at Book Communications, who (amongst other things) run the Birmingham Book Festival (happening in October – more details from me!). Interesting on two counts – the author lives in Birmingham and much of the action is set in an accurately and affectionately portrayed Birmingham. Secondly, the publisher, transita, is committed to “reflect[ing] the lives of mature women” and this book was a good example of this.

The heroine is a seventy-five year old widow who decides she HAS to see her grandchildren, escapes from the old peoples’ home she’s been placed into by her son and his second wife, and has a fine old adventure. Very well done, amusing and affecting, and it’s lovely to have such an unusual and powerful heroine, with other characters being the older women and men and normal, decent family men who don’t usually get a look-in.

I’m going to send this on a BookRing so this local writer and interesting publisher can get to a wider audience.

Publisher is at