ADAM NICOLSON – Perch Hill: A New Life

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Bought 10 December 2005 (Waterstones)

Interesting book by a relative of the Sackvill-Wests, about starting a new life on a farm in East Sussex. He tells of the trials, tribulations and triumphs with skill and a lyrical descriptive style, and a real respect for the place. I have his book on the Scottish island his family own too, so it’s nice to see the next stage.

ROBBIE MARSHALL – Triumph Around the World

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Bought 10 December 2005 – Waterstones clearance sale

An OK book about motorcycling around the world. Again, unfortunately, Travellers Eye have done their usual, in following their tagline “Ordinary people doing extraordinary things”, they have not given these ordinary people much editorial support, so the text is littered with typos and just not written that well. Pretty annoying, I’m afraid.

I also didn’t really take to the author, as he smoked joints and picked up the odd lady; not very salubrious. He was also woefully ill-prepared for his trip.

An interesting read, but not one I need to keep!

LIZ FORDRED – An Ocean to Cross

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Bought 10 December 2005 – Waterstones, Birmingham

Non-sailors, Liz and her husband set out to build a yacht in landlocked, sanction-surrounded Rhodesia, haul it to the coast and sail to Brazil and the Carribbean. And they’re both paraplegic. Inspiring, exciting and well-written.

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