Acquired via BookCrossing 21 Jan 2006 (Bday Rabck from Jen/Wyldetwo) and 21 Mar 2006 (late Christmas Rabck from Laura/Laura0141)

Finally got round to my birthday books.

A fine short novel – elegaic and self-contained, showing the passing of the old ways of South-Western ranch life in the 1950s through the eyes of Lonnie, the youngest and least powerful on the ranch.

I will offer one copy out on a ring and one on my availables while I continue the search for my own copy!

Note: First read Apr 1999 from the library. My review:

“The simple and poignant story of a young man coming of age in the 1950s on a ranch in Texas, set against the struggle for survival and fights over the land. Simple, imbued with love for the subject, and moving.”