The products of our BookCrossing girly weekend in Hay-on-Wye… ** now complete **

13 May

– Sensible Books £1 Basement (I think) –
ANNE RIVERS SIDDONS – Up Island – a find from this excellent American author, hard to find here
HARRY HARRISON – The Stainless Steel Rat Goes To Hell – for Dawn/RatWoman

– Booths Bookshop –
DIANA PULLEIN-THOMPSON – The Pennyfields – pony book
CHRISTINE PULLEIN-THOMPSON – Three To Ride – pony book

– Bookends £1 bookshop –
CLAIRE ALLEN – The Mountain Of Light – Novel about a London Indian restaurant, its staff and customers
THALASSA ALI – A Beggar At The Gate – My own copy of this lovely book I was given by Ali at Christmas
LUKE COX – Rude Food – for Minty/mujisan’s Rude Books Challenge
TARAS GRESCOE – The End Of Elsewhere – travels among tourists looking at what makes them tick
KATHERINE LAPWORTH – Trade Secrets – pointer on all sorts of topics, from the TV series
PATRICK LEIGH FERMOR – The Traveller’s Tree – wonderful travel book about the Carribbean islands
AJAY SINGH – Give ‘Em Hell, Hari – A political odyssey from India to America
MARLENE STUBBS – Ahead Of The Class – memoir of the teacher who took over the school where the headmaster had been killed
LAURA THOMPSON – Life In A Cold Climate – biography of Nancy Mitford

– Cinema Bookshop Pavilion –
WILLIAM JACK SIBLEY – Any Kind Of Luck – gay, Southern fiction with a chihuahua-toting Southern Belle – what’s not to love
HELEN J SIMPSON – Healing Juices – juicing book for Matt, king of the juicers

– Cinema Bookshop –
Golden Hands Encyclopedia of Dressmaking – simple dressmaking with patterns and instructions – v useful
AGNES FURLONG – The School Library Mystery – kids’ book from the 50s or 60s – couldn’t resist the title!
VED MEHTA – The Craft of the Essay: A Ved Mehta Reader – I collect his autobiographical volumes, couldn’t find them, so this was the next best thing
JOHN PEARSON – Facades: Edith, Osbert and Sacheverell Sitwell – I read this book years ago and have been looking for it ever since

14 May

– Bookends –
SPENCER VIGNES – The Server – quest non-fiction about playing tennis on every court he comes across while travelling across the UK

– The Hay-on-Wye Bookshop-
Popular Book For Girls 1936 – to feed my habit for these. My most expensive buy at £8.00

– Children’s Bookshop –
CHRISTINE PULLEIN-THOMPSON – The First Rosette – another pony book!

– The Sensible Bookshop (upstairs, 4 for £10)
The Wonder Book Of Why And What – charming 1950s kids’ encyclopaedia
ALAN BENNETT – Writing Home – I’ve had 2 copies of this in the past, one I recall giving away and one has disappeared. This is a nice hardback to match the recent copy of his latest
MICHAEL HOLROYD – Augustus John – been looking for this ever since I spotted it in Charing Cross Library, never to be seen again

– The Castle Bookshop, various outsidey bits with honesty boxes –
CHARLOTTE BRONTE – Jane Eyre – duplicate copy for BookCrossing (these were 30p each!)
JANE SMILEY – A Thousand Acres – duplicate copy for BookCrossing
ZADIE SMITH – White Teeth – duplicate copy for BookCrossing
MIRANDA SAWYER – Park and Ride – duplicate copy for BookCrossing
ROBERTSON DAVIES – The Manticore – duplicate copy for BookCrossing