Acquired 28 Apr 2006 (gift from publishers for writing an article for their website)

Another lovely Transita – I’m spreading these gradually through my TBR and enjoying them slowly.

This starts as a deceptively simple story about the attendees on a garden design summer school in Italy, but deepens into a musing on life, love, marriage, death and religion – but without being at all heavy; just a thoughtful book which has time to look at these matters, as well as having an interesting and twisty storyline. I usually mind religion in books, but this was a matter-of-fact look at how faith works in people’s lives, and as such was both interesting and moving.

I will be offering this on a BookCrossing bookring once I’ve got a few back…

Oh – and for anyone surprised by this post, expecting me to be in France – no, I’m not in France. Flight cancelled due to the accident at Birmingham airport. Bah.