Acquired via BookCrossing 09 Jun 2006 – BookRing

Memoirs of his time in New York, including writing for Vanity Fair.

It’s interesting that this has aroused so much detailed comment – so often I join rings that have a sentence or two for each JE. I didn’t like the guy but I thought it was a fun read – he repeated himself a little and yes, got a bit woolly in the middle, but in the main it’s pretty well-done and a good expose of the lives of a particular sector of society. His comments on the idea of the meritocracy are interesting, but I think he gets a bit holier-than-thou, while feeding off the edges of their lives (he gets peeved when someone insults his dad, having made great mirth out of insulting lots of other people/sectors of society). He was like a little boy, out to shock with rude words and willy-waving, and like another reader, I wasn’t that interested in his sudden finding of love – how long will that last, I wonder.

Well an interesting read and I’m glad I had it on a ring and didn’t buy it!