This was a Liz-and-Matt read, you’ll find my review back at the beginning of July…

Matt’s review:

Whilst I wouldn’t wax quite so lyrical over this book as my OH (LyzzyBee) I also couldn’t stop reading it – it seemed to flow very well.

I only found I started to get bogged down a bit towards the end of the book – I felt the ending was a little lazy actually and could have been much more deftly handled without resorting to a deux ex machina to bring the book to its conclusion.

Also I think there was a jarring change of pace towards the end and the actually ending did not sit well with the rest of the book.

The final denouement in the epilogue also seemed a tad silly and unnecessary.

So my advice would be enjoy the first 3/4 of the book but be prepare to be disappointed by the final 1/4.