DAVID LODGE – Ginger, You’re Barmy

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Acquired via Freecycle for BookCrossing purposes 03 May 2006

A good novel about the joys and horrors of National Service. Semi-autobiographical, the interesting afterword explains that Lodge split his own experiences and attitudes between the main two male characters. A real feel for the drabness and limitations of life in postwar England, and a thumping good read, too.

GEORGE MIKES – How To Be An Alien

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Acquired via BookCrossing 20 Jul 2006 – Bilbi’s Entente Cordiale challenge

A very amusing book about how to infiltrate English society as a “foreigner”. I read this when we were babysitting at our German neighbours’ house yesterday. Oops – when they came in, I tried to hide it. “Oh – we’ve got this book – very funny!”. Phew!

As requested, I will be leaving this in the Hudsons OBCZ tomorrow.

DOUGLAS V. JONES – Round About the Rotunda

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Bought 01 May 2006 – Kings Heath Church fete

One of those small-publisher local history autobiographies, so as usual sometimes badly written and patchy, but very interesting on the local info and great pictures.


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Yes, I know, I got the digest – and I don’t care. I’ve had one lovely message already so far from making me feel ashamed of myself I feel loved and cherished. I have asked for the thread to be squashed to avoid more aggro and I really don’t care being called names by someone that trouble-makey!

A rare personal journal!

DIANA WYNNE JONES – The Lives of Christopher Chant

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Bought 24 Apr 2006 – apparently at the PDSA shop in Kings Heath

Great book, like The Magicians Nephew, written after Charmed Life in order to explain the background to Chrestomanci. We follow the reluctant nine-lifer as he learns to cast spells, move between worlds, and make friends. Excellent – I don’t know why she isn’t revered as much as J.K.Rowling but I think she is getting more popular. Highly recommended, and I have ordered the next 3 Chrestomanci Chronicles from Amazon, and am going to dig out Charmed Life for a reread.

PATRICIA LEITCH – Horse In A Million

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Acquired via BookCrossing 04 May 2006 – kind RABCK from weebly

Another Jinny At Finmory story, though I have missed one out since the last read. Oh well. Another jolly good read with horse stealers and a rival for the gymkhana cup! Great poorly book.

Again, not one I had when I was a kid, so will make available to anyone who wants it!

SHEILA KITZINGER – Ourselves as Mothers: The Universal Experience of Motherhood

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Bought 24 Apr 2006 – PDSA shop, Kings Heath

Very interesting book about pregnancy, birth and motherhood around the world – the main thrust of her arguments being that we can learn a lot from so-called primitive societies which have a much more communual experience of motherhood, that it’s no wonder Western mums get depressed when they’re thrown to their own devices after often never even having seen a newborn before, with much stuff (some of which I had to skip!) about how hospitals treat birth.

This is a little outdated as written in the 1990s, but still interesting, valid and celebratory of all mothers.

And no, not trying to tell anyone anything, I just picked it up out of interest, along with that gay history one from a couple of reviews back!

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