I don’t do these very often but I’m v bored at home with a bad sinus and a big, indigestible tome on Augustus John that won’t make it into my August reads (maybe it’s time for a pony book!), so…

9 lasts …
1. last place you were: in bed, shortly to return there
2. last pop: lemonade on Sat night
3. last kiss: the other day – got a cold that I can’t give to Matt!
4. last movie seen: Best in Show on DVD the other weekend
5. last CD you listened to: We are the Pipettes
6. last bubble bath: Monday. Lush French Kiss
7. last time you cried: in the early hours when my sinus was hurting!
8. last alcoholic beverage: at the weekend, a few G’n’Ts
9. have you ever gotten drunk and thrown up: twice, both over 10 years ago!

8 “Have you evers”…
1. have you ever dated someone twice: not sure what this means – once, then a gap, then again? No
2. have you ever been cheated on: Yup
3. have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it: Don’t think so
4. have you ever fallen in love: Couple of times, most recently 5ish years ago
5. have you ever been depressed: yup
6. have you ever hit another person: a bit
7. have you ever skinny dipped: No! I practically wear a swimming cossie in the SHOWER!

7 cities you’ve been to …
1. Birmingham!
2. London
3. Chicago
4. Tunis
5. Paris
6. Palma
7. Montpellier

6 things you’ve done today …
1. Had a sinus pill
2. Had me breakfast
3. Sat in bed with the cat on my lap
4. Been bitten by the cat
5. Phoned in sick
6. Read a lump of my book

Well, it is only 10.40 and I’m poorly!

5 favorite things in no particular order …
1. Matt
2. Dot
3. My books
4. Sewing
5. Birmingham

4 favorite colours …
1. black
2. brown
3. red
4. orange

3 people you can tell anything to …
1. Matt
2. My counsellor
3. Hmm….

2 things you want to do before you die …
1. Get over my fear of needles
2. Raise a family

1 thing you regret …
Not making a decision I made in my late 20s earlier