Acquired via BookCrossing 28 Sep 2006 – BookRing

Unlike the other readers, I didn’t find this hard to get into, and found it a poetic, lyrical meditation on one day in the life of a small rural community in Nova Scotia. I found the conversations easy to follow, as the speech was marked with an indent and a dash. I thought the internal monologues of the men, especially Herb, well done; more difficult to do than those of the women.

However – two minuses, I’m afraid. First off, the cover picture was really off-putting, a sixth-form-art-y picture of an old woman and a shadowy figure at the window. And I wish I’d been warned about the animal thing (not wanting to give the plot away), as this was upsetting and I’d rather have known. I’m putting this JE through almost the minute I finished the book so I can not think about it and go on to something else in the next book.