Bought 11 Nov 2006 – the “bad” bookshop in town (Bookends)

Hm. This was the story of iPod, the story of Apple, the story of his life vaguely told through music, and the story of his love affair with his iPod. He does namecheck Nick Hornby (among the millions of other names dropped, but he is editor of GQ and former editor of I-Q, so…) and it’s a Hornbyesque work, full of lists and best-ofs. I felt some of it was a little patronising, but then will people have picked it up because of the writer rather than the music theme? This could have also done with some major proofreading and editing. It was never clear how many songs he had on the thing, and there were some real bloopers, the worst of which was on p. 60:

“And then they launched it, on 10 November, a month after 9/11”

Now I ain’t so good at the maths, but even I understand that September plus one month = October. Hm. OK, this was in a remainder shop, and maybe a better copy got out there afterwards, but I am not happy to accept major, spottable errors like that!

So – a bit disappointing and I’m not sure at the moment if I’m going to keep it or BookCross it. Hurrah for The Bad Shop and its low, low prices!