Bought 09 Dec 2006 at Transita Day

Now, this I liked. The perfect book for that poorly-on-your-birthday situation, this is a lighthearted romance, full of fun and laughs. The characters are nicely observed, especially the teenagers, and the sometimes complex situations well handled. I loved the theatrical details (shades of the Blue Door Theatre Company – hooray!) and the range of characters. Having heard Jan read from the book and met her a couple of times – always lovely and welcoming, always bubbly – I heard most of it in her voice, which is a lovely bonus pleasure gained from knowing the people whose books I am reading.

I was going to get LindyB to release this at the Cambridge Theatre, but I’m afraid I’m now going to demand it back after it’s been on a bookring!

Thank you Jan, for making a manky birthday a bit brighter!