“inner sanctum post”

I am terribly sad. I just got a letter from Judith, my ex James’ mum, to say that her husband Andy has died. He was ill but with a progressive disease, so this was sudden, but a relief for both of them in a way. I was very close to them for the years J and I were together (7 years), staying with them regularly, going on holiday with them etc, and we kept in touch after the breakup.

Especially coming after the family news, I am in pieces. I have counselling tonight and I’m going to go, Matt suggested it would be good to (and it’s in half an hour) as I can talk about it there then he will be home when I get back.

Please, a hug, if you have time. I must put together a letter of condolence and a message to James. Oddly enough, I know exactly what to do and write here.