Well I don’t know how I used to cope with 1 hour 20 commutes in London, I was used to 20 mins in on the bus, 45 mins walk home some nights. This 90 mins each way is a killer. Plus one or 2 days a week I need to do a 8 hour day and cos they close at 5, I have to get there at 8.30. Which means leaving the house at 6.50. Which means getting up before 6 if I am going to get my a*se into gear and be awake to get in!

So – sorry if….

– I don’t answer your posts
– I don’t reply to your answers to my posts
– I dodge out of pretty well all social engagements for the duration
– I don’t answer emails
– I walk past you in the street cos I am actually asleep but with open eyes painted on my eyelids

Cheers chaps. Will try to post book reviews… some time…

Over and zzzzzzzzzz