Acquired via BookCrossing 28 Feb 2007 – BookRing

This was similar to Polly Toynbee’s UK and Barbara Ehrendeich’s US books on the minimum wage experiment – the author puts themselves through a test to see if they can cope with an unusual socio-economic situation, and writes it up, including background texts and theories.

It’s a successful genre, although I do wonder if all these writers are preaching to the converted and those who read it are already aware of the issues. But if some people’s lives are changed in some way, it’s been successful in itself.

I found the experiment and the author’s honesty very interesting and thought-provoking. The theory was broken up among the practice in a good and balanced way. I already think twice before buying – and *halo halo* we don’t run a car, so have done well there… but it does give lots of practical ideas, encouragement, but with a down-to-earth attitude.