Acquired 03 Mar 2007 – sent to me by publishers

Well! The odds were stacked against me liking this one, I have to say. I have found the other two Sara Banerji books I’ve read (one did not finish, the Transita one finished) a bit disturbing and confusing. The cover art did not appeal to me, and I don’t like thrillers.

But… I *loved* it! What a marvellous heroine in Lady Arabella! Feisty, outspoken, rude and over 80 – just what we all long to be! The story mixed magic and prosaic descriptions of the rigours of old age. The characters were a colourful and very well-drawn bunch. Lady Arabella is bats and we should all love her for it. The story is well thought out and exciting – and although there is violence, it didn’t seem as explicit and disturbing (as the non-T one I read, “The Wedding Of Jayanthi Mandel”), almost blurred, like in Lord Of The Rings. What a great read and one I will be enthusiastically recommending.