Went with Ali to the Flying Pig 2nd hand bookshop in Kings Heath on Saturday and got:

NELL DUNN – Living Like I Do – by the author of the wonderful Poor Cow and Up The Junction, this is a study from the 1970s about alternative families and their arrangements. I love obscure sociology!

PAUL KOCKER – Master of Middle-Earth: The Achievement of J.R.R. Tolkien – a 1970s study of the major and minor works

DAVID CRYSTAL – Listen to Your Child: A Parent’s Guide to Children’s Language – this guy is so prolific. I’m fascinated by child language development and this is really practical and filled with examples rather than theorising.

And then today, went with Linda to the Oxfam Books shop in Harborne:

RUBY FERGUSON – Pony Jobs For Jill / Jill And THe Perfect Pony – no 6 and 7 in the series and I think this means I can get a BC Perfect Pony back into circulation

MICHAEL HOLROYD – Lytton Strachey – I saw this in Flying Pig and tried to persuade Ali to buy it, so when I saw it today I had to get it. Excellent biographer pins down perhaps the lynchpin of Bloomsbury life.

Will let you know what I think of these in about July…