Acquired via BookCrossing 14 Aug 2007 – from Bright-Spark, who found it silly

I agree with Bright-Spark on this. The book is very silly but in places also very funny. My problem with it is that Coupland is capable of so much more than this so its a real shame he has seen fit to write something so flaccid and self indulgent. Self parody is all very well but it could be done with so much more finesse than this.


Silly, yes, but I didnt find it as objectionable as Matt did (possibly because I read faster than him so didnt feel I wasted so much time on it). I liked the scenes from office life and the renegade Mom; didnt like the incursion of Coupland himself as a character. I also have to salute his ability to insert a load of rando, junk into his novel and still sell it to the publisher and millions of readers!

A good holiday read…