Bought 11 Jul 2007 – University library sale

An interesting work of cultural studies which takes as its premiss the fact that Western civilisation is just as “exotic”, “other” and worthy of study as the previous anthropological subjects in more distant climes. She therefore looks at British Gypsy culture and girls’ boarding schools in some depths, with an interesting re-reading of Simone de Beauvoir, looking at her undergraduate underlinings in her copy of “The Second Sex” (I could do this too, but I only seem to have read the first 100 pages of my copy!). Worthwhile, subversive and interesting.

This was donated to the library in its previous owner’s memory – the library has a policy of selling off those books that don’t fit our collection’s needs, in aid of the LUCIA (women in Ethiopia) charity – and although I might make this available on BookCrossing, out of respect, I won’t just wild release it, but will pass it along to someone who really wants it.