Bought 11 Jul 2007 – University library book sale

A couple of copies of this had passed through my hands previously, and I’d been told not to miss this. So I picked it up in our charity book sale at work. A Tindal Street Press collection of short stories, many by previously-unpublished authors, this had the usual mix but there was enough to like to be able to skate over the less enjoyable parts. Some of the stories were a little formulaic or writing-schooly, and some, while it being a worthy reason to write, simply told of experience rather than crafting it into literature. But some, like Hijab, the story of a Black Muslim woman’s day out on the Soho Road, were excellent and charming.

I will register this and put it in one of the OBCZs, as I try to do with Tindal St books and Birmingham authors in general.