Bought 27 Jul 2007 – Bookends in Birmingham

A marvellous book that every woman and man should read. Norah “passes” for a man for eighteen months, in a variety of settings, from the workplace to a bowling league, via a monastery, Iron John weekends and many more. Far from being a sensational or prurient book, even though she visits some pretty seedy places, this is a lucid and careful account of what it might feel like to be close to being a man. She gains respect for the opposite sex and a certain amount of dislike for her own, and ponders the idea of going from being a “masculine” woman to an “effeminate” man. Ultimately, the journey leads her to examine her own psyche and to admit herself to a hospital. One psych doctor comments that he’d be more surprised if she hadn’t had to do this.

A thought-provoking and beautifully written book that really engages the reader. I will look out for a second copy to share via BookCrossing. One of my books of the year!