Acquired via BookCrossing 05 Nov 2007 – BookRing

The central character moves from the US to Canada, meets the local indigenous people and whales, and suffers upheaval in her family life.

Although this was in some ways a book that was all about an Issue, it had enough life in the characters, especially the more peripheral ones such as the grandparents’ generation, to satisfy in its own right. I felt that the beginning of the book was well-drawn, but it seemed a little perfunctory in the latter stages – I could have taken more detail there without the sparseness of the story and the prose being compromised. The messages about tolerance and community, reminiscent of those in Barbara Kingsolver, were put across well.

An interesting read. The fact of this book being a new edition in memory of the author’s brother, and the circumstances in which this came about, were heartbreaking.

Thanks to the author for sharing this with the BookCrossers! I have several bookrings on the go which originated with the authors themselves, and it always makes them that bit more special!