Acquired via BookCrossing 08 Nov 2007 – BookRing

A lovely book set in small town Georgia at the beginning of the 20th century. With the time frame, I was a bit worried about reading it so soon after A Tree Grows In Brooklyn but, while it is another coming-of-age novel, it’s very different. We follow young Will, growing up in the middle strata of society, his family and his slightly renegade Grandpa, who causes a scandal by upping and marrying a much younger woman, 3 weeks after his wife died. The small town is beautifully observed; I see it comes from the author’s father’s memories in part. Reminscent of the world of “And Ladies of the Club”. This was woven together well into a lovely narrative that was hard to put down and sad to leave.

I finished it becuase I was home with a cold, but now I can’t pass it on to Ali because I’m at home with a cold! Bah!