Bought 04 Aug 2007 – Any Amount of Books, Charing Cross Road

This is a somewhat confusing installment of Mehta’s multi-volume autobiography. It overlaps the first one about his early life in India, which I haven’t read, Sound Shadows of the [Something} World, which treats his time in America, and, I think the one after that. So some material was familar, although treated in a different and less full way. Anyway, we get his usual open and honest portrayal of what it was like to be a blind, uneducated boy travelling far away from the horrors of Partition, and his first attempts in academia and writing. I would have preferred the greater detail, but this must have been published for a slightly different purpose. As I don’t have all the volumes collected yet (I also have Up At Oxford and the one about building a house by a lake) I will keep hold of this one.