Bought 24 Oct 2007 – University Library sale

Written with someone whose grammar ought to be better, this has the tagline “A marketing genius tells his story”, and while Sculley does, at the end of the book, claim that he shows his vulnerability and mistakes, it is the work of a monumental egocentric. But, it’s interesting; I like a business bio just as much as I like a sailing book, and the intricate detail about life at Apple, especially the deposing of Steve Jobs, makes for interesting reading.

It is also a business information book, so there’s sections that go more into marketing and Sculley’s ideas for the future. These last are amusing; the book was published in 1987 so he spends a lot of time talking about the new, exciting, CD-Rom storage devices, hypertext and the upcoming information superhighway!

The datedness and arrogance make it not a keeper, so I’ll be registering it and passing it on – meanwhile, I’ll go to my book on the history of Apple to catch up a bit!