Acquired via BookCrossing 16 Apr 2008 – BookRing

Ron and his partner Anne and their 2 children live on a remote coral atoll for several years.

I enjoyed the detailed descriptions of how they built and maintained their island lifestyle, but agreed with other readers that

a) Ron was pretty insufferable. I found the comments on his wife, where he described her in very childlike terms, were really patronising. I wonder what she felt about the whole thing

b) they were hypocritical in the extreme, banging on about untouchable nature and living like the animals, then building concrete tanks and introducing bees and hens!

I skipped over the philosophizing too – I was amused when he said he’d read and enjoyed “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” as it did echo that book’s style quite a lot.

But, overall, an interesting and enjoyable read, and I’m glad the cat and dog were still OK by the end!

Friends-only as I’m not too complimentary here! They don’t need to find this review twice!