Split into their fates, and then listed by bookshop purchased (where I can remember) and reason for purchase (in case people are interested – not a justification!):

For BookCrossing purposes:
The Faber Book of Parodies (Bookends) – to share a v funny Iris Murdoch one with the Murdoch A Monthers
Andrea Levy – Small Island (Castle Bookshop outside shelves) – a favourite to put in an OBCZ
Vineeta Vijayaraghavan – Motherland (Bookends) – to save a lost bookring of mine

To read then BookCross:
Elizabeth Buchan – The Second Wife (Cinema Bookshop) – sequel to Revenge of the Middle Aged Woman – will ring it after reading
Kathleen Dayus – Where There’s Life (Sensible Bookshop) – to go in the Birmingham authors bookbox swap with the US
Magnus Mills – All Quiet on the Orient Express (Sensible Bookshop) – an author I like but don’t need to keep

To read and keep:
Balancing Acts: Women Talk About Motherhood – Katharine Gieve (ed.) – for my parenting and child development collection
Edward Blishen – This Right Soft Lot (Sensible Bookshop) – for my education collection
Ivy Compton Burnett – Two Worlds And Their Ways (Castle Bookshop) – A Virago Modern Classic for the collection
Dr Fitzhugh Dobson – How To Parent (Castle Bookshop) – for my parenting and child development (inc. history of) collection
Lisa Gee – Friends (Sensible Bookshop) – for my psychology/relationships/gender studies collection
John Hillaby – Journey Through Britain (Cinema Bookshop Outside) – for my travel collection, partic travel through the UK section
Marian Giles Jones – Le Grand Meaulnes (French critical thinking) (Castle Bookshop outside) – I would collect books on this favourite French novel if there were any!
Sam Juneau – A Chateau of One’s Own (Sensible Bookshop) – for my architecture and immigrant experience interests
Lytton Strachey By Himself (ed. Michael Holroyd) – for my Bloomsbury/mid-C20th collection
Paul Magrs – All the Rage – I collect his books (he mentions BC in one of them!)
Hugh & Pauline Massingham – The Englishman Abroad (Cinema Bookshop Outside) – to go in the travel collection/ immigrant experience interest group
Ved Mehta – Walking the Indian Streets (Cinema Bookshop)
Ved Mehta – The Red Letters (Cinema Bookshop) – I am collecting the volumes of his autobiography
Tim Moore – Nul Points (Sensible Bookshop) – I collect his humourous travel books
Iris Murdoch – Something Special (Booth’s Bookshop) – I collect her fiction and this was the only one I didn’t have!
R.K. Narayan – A Tiger for Malgudi (Sensible Bookshop) – a favourite author – had never seen this one before
Frances Spalding – Stevie Smith (Cinema Bookshop) – I have her novels in Virago
Richard Todd – Iris Murdoch: The Shakespearian Interest (Cinema Bookshop) – for my IM collection (I didn’t even know this existed!)
Hugo Vickers – Cecil Beaton (Cinema Bookshop) – he photographed all the mid-C20th figures I collect around!

For the Permanent Collection (not immediate reading)
Olive Ann Burns – Cold Sassy Tree (Castle Bookshop) – I loved it when I read it on a ring
Iris Murdoch – Jackson’s Dilemma (Sensible Bookshop) – 1st edition for my collection

As well as these, there were 4 for presents, which I’m not going to spell out here…