Acquired via BookCrossing 19 Mar 2008 – Red Cross donations bags

Did Not Finish.

This seemed just my thing – an older Asian woman interviews two school-age girls about being Pakistani Muslims, with a backdrop of racial tension inside and outside school. Real Bali Rai type territory.

Unfortunately, it’s a product of its time. Published in 1991, when people probably did need telling what a salwar kameez was, the lively story and voice of the 2 girls is muffled behind quite a clumsy edifice, both structurally (transcripts of interview tapes) and culturally (it seems buried in a world of gender and culture studies).

It proves how far we’ve come, that now different peoples’ stories can be told without a structure to prove their worth, or a touch of editorial worthiness. But it left me unsatisfied and a bit bored, and so I took the decision to close the book at p. 82.