Acquired via BookCrossing 21 Jun 2008 – random RABCK from Karen07814 who found my name on the releasing map and PM’d me to see if I’d like it!

A *wonderful* book and I’m so glad to have had the chance to read iy! I would never, ever have come across this book by myself.

Written in the early 1970s and set round about now, I think, this looks at what might have happened after a fuel, food and economic crisis (!!!) causes some of the West Coast of America states to break away and form their own country. Although it’s written with a real 70s feel to some of the preoccupations (sex and women’s rights being the main ones – the unadorned, strong women are very much the feminist ideal being put forward at the time), so much that has happened now – ecological awareness, recycling, interaction with others through phone systems (OK, he didn’t quite manage to invent the internet) etc. The political stuff about America is scarily spot-on, too.

As well as all this political, social and economic stuff it’s also a damn good read, as prime American consumer Will finds there just might be an alternative way to live.