Acquired TODAY from the author!

This book was waiting in the hallway when I got home, having left work at normal time for the first time this week. I flopped down on the sofa with the cat and a cuppa, and started devouring it. Read it while I cooked and ate dinner, and have just finished it. Another unputdownable read from Wendy K. Harris.

This is the third Undercliff novel, set in the mysterious coastal world of the Isle of Wight. A cast of fascinating characters interact, the older, familiar people there to welcome again, bringing new characters into their midst and working their special magic on them. There’s some spooky nuns and a slightly gothic-y bit, a fallen priest and the absolutely delightful Fran in her chaotic animal-filled house (I think my favourite character). How will it all work out? We don’t exactly know, even at the end, but all kinds of pure spirituality are celebrated, hypocrisy gets its own comeuppance, and there’s joy for many of the characters.

Extra bonus – a review by *me* of Blue Slipper Bay printed in the back!

This one wasn’t published by Transita, but by a local publishers as part of a scheme celebrating Island Authors.

Wendy’s web page is at and well worth a look. And the Undercliff novels… well you know they’re pageturners now if you didn’t before!

BookCrossers – I’m going to get hold of another copy and ring it soon!