Acquired via BookCrossing 06 May 2008 – RABCK/mini-ring from Anglersrest

Jo is just widowed and dealing with 2 small sons and a house move to (thinly disguised) Herne Bay in Kent, where she’s going to take over her Gran’s knitting shop. Her best friend Ellen keeps her on the right path as she meets all sorts of dotty folks, from pensioners at the shop to the local gentry, negotiates the playground mafia and makes close friends with the new landlady of the local pub. I thought this was going to be chick-litty but it was very well (and amusingly) written, with lovely characterisations of adults, children and dogs, and a warm feeling.

I will look out for other books by this author.

I see I’m supposed to send it on to Elham Isabel next, so will do so asap!