Acquired via BookCrossing 15 May 2008 – Rabck from Sherlockfan

I was very restrained and kept this in the TBR pile in date order. I wasn’t disappointed when I got to it. An atmospheric and eventful tale by a New Zealand author that looks at what happens when something goes slightly off-kilter in an elegantly planned and composed addition to a family, and how the ripples spread outwards, affecting both the main characters, their extended families, and other people who weren’t at first much involved. The portraits of marriage and friendships, both old and new, were cleverly done without appearing “clever”, and, although one relationship didn’t ring that true for me, it didn’t mar my enjoyment of this mature and masterful work.

Thank you so much for sharing this author with me, Sherlockfan. A colleauge from NZ asked to read this next*, and once I have it back I will share it with a few BC friends!

* she heard I had the book when I had to ask her to explain what a “treasure” was – not a term I had come across in that context before!