Bought 17 May 2008 – Sensible Bookshop, Hay-on-Wye

Picked up in the £1 bit downstairs if I recall. I do like a nice sociology book and this one is interesting – it’s about brother-sister and male-female friend relationships, looking at how they are special, where they have come from and how they have got dirtied and sexualised in the last few decades.

It made me think… I don’t have a close male friend at the moment (apart from Matthew, but he doesn’t count for these purposes) and I do miss the ones I have had, as you do get a different perspective, a different relationship, often less complicated and/or competitive than I have had with (past) women friends. Anyway I’m going to drop one old chum a line and see how he is these days.

Also thinking about the lovely friends I have now, how much I care about them, the support I can draw from them and give to them – and how lucky I am. I have at least 3 or 4 “3 am friends” (you know, the ones you could call or turn up on their doorstep at that time in an emergency) and I’m lucky to have that, and hopefully be that to them, too.