Acquired via Bookcrossing 23 Aug 2008 – BookRay from Anglersrest

A very quick read, devoured in an evening. I did enjoy this summary of a year’s reading, but I did wonder how a self-confessed bookaholic and reviewer thought it would be a challenge to read a book per week for a year. I liked best the bits about how doing the challenge affected her reading choice and made her wobble at times – I found this the other way when I was trying to do a book diet and “only” read 2 books a week a couple of years ago*. Anyway she read some interesting books, and a few that I know, it was nice seeing Brady Udall’s “Edgar Mint” mentioned and her ruminations on reading, on reading books recommended by or, worse, written by, friends, were interesting. Not a book I loved, but nothing to dislike there.

Will send on to ElhamIsabel after a suitable period where it can cast off any germs I might have inadvertently donated to the BookRay!