Bought 17 May 2008 – Sensible Bookshop, Hay-on-Wye

I’m coughing merrily away and tired after a riotous morning of putting washing on and off the airer, hoovering the landing and going to Sainsburys, and Matthew has come down with it now too and is curled up in bed with the cat, so MORE reading!

Moore is another writer, like Magrs, who never fails to please. Consulting the archive, I see that I first read him in 1999 (Frost On My Moustache), and I’ve had a good 9 years reading all his books. Like Danny Wallace and Dave Gorman, Moore likes a (slightly ridiculous) challenge; in this one he tracks down and tries to interview all the singers who received no points in the Eurovision Song Contest. He writes well as well as hilariously, and this continues a perfect run of decent, meaty and funny books that are not over too soon and have a poignancy and heart as well as a good dose of silliness.