Acquired via BookCrossing 24 Jun 2008 – at a meetup from Wyldetwo

Wow – can’t believe I hadn’t read this before! I loved it – totally engrossing, and had me crying (in the office – great!) at times. Scarlett is the kind of heroine you love to want to slap, and although there is a bit too much telling rather than showing at the beginning, her character is allowed to shine through. And Rhett… well, even though he is a fairly naughty chap, that lovely moustache, that brown chest… ah, goodness me… Ahem! I was a bit uncomfortable with some of the scenes involving the slaves, but their portrayal is, I suppose, a product of the times the book was written in, and about. And I did choose to visit the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial rather than the Margaret Mitchell Gone With The Wind House when I visited Atlanta, if that redeems me for reading those parts of the book! I found the American Civil War history fascinating, and it was woven so well into the narrative (in contrast with last month’s Iris Murdoch!) and I learnt the origin of Carpetbaggers, Scallywags and the Democrats and Republicans!

An excellent read I would thoroughly recommend.