I had a lovely trip to London yesterday! I was on an errand to buy Persephone Books on behalf of various people (and for my own Christmas present list) and I’d arranged to meet a Persephone Group member from LibraryThing, Louise/Fabrile-Heart there too. On the way down, I heard from a dear friend, Emma, that she and their twin daughters could come and meet up with me.  A delayed coach and a mad dash across London later, I had lunch at Wagamama with Em, Grace and Beth, and then met Louise.

We went up to the Notting Hill Persephone bookshop where I went a bit mad and squeaky but did manage to buy the 12 books on my list. And we had photos taken… here is me with my loot unpacked, and packed!  Having lovely tall, calm Louise with me was a major help – she found books for me and reached them down, and I hope I helped in return with some recommendations!

I had a nice walk back to Victoria and the coach back was only delayed by half an hour!  I got the bus back home and Matthew kindly came and relieved me of my cuboid rucksack!

A Lovely Day Out!